Actibox Athletics

Our Athlete Lineup 


    Daryl Chia

    @dchiasheng, BJJ and Taekwondo

     Notable Achievements

            • Team Singapore Jiu Jitsu
            • Taekwondo National Champion 
            • Represented Singapore in the 18th SEA Games in Jakarta
            • Taekwondo Black Belt                       

    YanWei Kwan

    @zeroexcel, BJJ

    Notable Achievements 

            • Team Singapore Jiu Jitsu
            • Jiu-Jitsu Asian Championship - Ranked 3rd in South East Asia, 13th in Asia overall 
            • Representing Singapore in the 2019 SEA Games
            • Brown Belt

     Mateo Hurtado 

     @el_mateofeo, Ju Jitsu

    Notable Achievements 

            • Gold in Singapore Open Gi and No-Gi at 70kg
            • Superfight Winner - Bushido Grappling Champion No-Gi at 70kg
            • White Belt 

    Fiona Toh


    Notable Achievements

            • Ranked 5th in Asia for Ju Jitsu
            • Ranked 3rd in South East Asia
            • Champion of Thailand Ju Jitsu Open Grand Prix
            • Member of Singapore National Ju Jitsu Team
            • Competitor at IBJJF Worlds Championships
            • Purple Belt


    We are proud to partner with local athletes in Singapore to not only showcase their talents, but to be apart of their journey's to be the best version of themselves.