Endurance Athlete Tip #1

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For endurance athletes, there are so many different tips and tricks to not only stay in shape, but improve every aspect of your technique while doing whatever activity you specialize in, be it running, cycling, and many others. These can range from measuring the loss of water weight after workouts to flexibility exercises that increase the length of your stride. As someone who specializes in medium-distance running, the amount of advice that I encountered online that would supposedly help me achieve great times and results was mind-boggling and overwhelming. Today I’m going to simplify all of that for you and present to you the most effective piece of advice that has helped me personally.
The most important tip that I can give to my fellow endurance athletes out there is to maintain a basic nutrition plan that’s easy to follow and allows you to perform to the best of your ability.
There are several key points that should be followed if you’re going to design a nutrition plan. The first of these points is that your diet should generally be carb focused. Carbohydrates are vital in terms of giving you the energy you need to keep soldiering on in those long-distance events and keep up a good pace the whole way through. Around 70% of the calories consumed by elite endurance athletes are carbohydrates from various high-quality foods that generally change depending on the region that you’re in. Being in Asia, quality brown rice is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates that is not only easy to find but cheaper in comparison to other regions or alternatives (potatoes, corn, etc.)
The second point that I’d like to hammer home is that while you do need to consume a lot of carbs to have an appropriate amount of energy, you also need to be eating a variety of other things to fulfill all your nutritional needs. These are commonly sorted into six categories. Fruits, vegetables, oils, dairy, meat and seafood, and grains. Diets that include foods from each of these categories will be able to maximize your athletic potential and also help you get the most out of workouts and any other training exercises that you choose to do.
The final point that is critical to your dieting success is to make high-quality foods your ultimate priority. Including all of that food, groups do nothing if you’re eating processed garbage that carries unnatural chemicals, trans fats, and added sugar. Make sure to do plenty of research when creating your plan so that it doesn’t include any products or foods that will prevent you from staying in top form. These foods may be more difficult to find, and will most certainly be a little more expensive, but they’re worth every last penny as they will permit you to reach that next level in your journey to become an effective endurance athlete.

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